कृषक जैविक कृषि उत्पादन

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About Us


Krishak Jaivik Krishi Utpadan (A Unit of Nimbus Marketing India Private Limited) is a welldiversified business group, which has presence in all over India, (jaivik kranti mission 2020)

Nimbus Group Start a New Division On 7th May 2007 Krishak Jaivik Krishi Utpadan for Agriculture segment (Organic farming). Krishak Jaivik Krishi Utpadan Division Provide to farmer’s organic inputs like Neem khali, Neem Oil & Promote compost khad, green fertilizer , cow dunk, jeeva amrit & beej amrit etc. in the substitute of chemical fertilizers.

Krishak Jaivik Krishi Utpadan as one of the leading organizations for organic forming (jaivik kranti mission) in India. Objective of company is to make farmers happy and independent. Farmers doing organic farming for regular 3years will results in more production as well as profit and helps to reduce cost of production. It also helps the crop to grow faster and healthier and leads to 2 to 3 times more production. For this mission, our organization helps to gather farmers together and motivate them for organic farming. After all this our organization also helps the farmer to examine their crops and farm fields. While this meeting of organic farming our organization and staff member also explain the farmers how to, when to, and where to use our organic products which are purely substitute of chemical products or input and also explain the quantity to be used for a particular crop area. We also help the farmers to know the advantages of organic farming. It helps to increase productivity and soil fertility which results in good health and better life of population. We make proper contact with organic farmers and to look over effective and efficient organic farming and to support them.


The vision of our company towards farmer is to make happy by giving double production and increasing selling price of products as it gets double and making farmers self depended, soil fertility increases and to make the most trusted company in the world market by giving satisfaction to every farmer from every angle.


  • To implement e-Organic agriculture management system.
  • To generate mass awareness among farmers in Uttar Pradesh about Organic Farming.
  • To make chemical free agricultural land for sustainability of production.
  • Reducing the cost of cultivation.
  • To provide training on Organic methods and systems to the farmers as the scientific solution for their crop management and creation of safe and quality brand for better market acceptance and opportunities under the free trade environment in coming years.
  • Increase in productivity by adoption of scientific crop management practices.
  • Conservation of soil health.
  • Reliable source of supply.
  • Assist in the control of food adulteration.
  • To provide Certification to the farmers for their Organic Produce.
  • Improvement in socio-economic status of people.
  • To make available choice of organic produce to consumers.
  • To encourage the socio-economic development of rural farming through profit generated by marketing of organic produce.


Our mission is to provide an experience that educate our community. Our farm serves as a model of sustainable, organic agriculture & appropriate land stewardship. We will provide opportunities to participate in responsible environmental leadership, growing organic food, and fostering a sense of community, while working together and enjoying nature. Please Click Here For Operating Manual




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Nimbus Marketing India Private Limited

Head Office

Krashak Jaivik Krashi Uttpadan A Unit Of Nimbus Marketing India Pvt Ltd

B-2530 Indira Nagar Near Ujala Medical Hospital Lucknow UP

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Regional Office

Rama Shyama Complex 2nd Floor Civil Line Fatehpur UP

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Branch Office

Nimbus Marketing India Private Limited

(Krashak Jaivik Krashi Uttpadan)

Buddhipuri, Sarayen Akil Kaushambhi Uttar Pradesh

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